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Inokim QUICK 4

The light-est. The king of the city

Inokim QUICK 4

Ideal for short and medium distance urban travel, with all types of terrain adapted wheels.
Fold it up and get it on the train or load it into your car, the perfect solution to get to the city center and avoid hold-ups. The quality of its finishes, its design and high performance make the Light 2 model the perfect solution to get around the city.

From 76€ per month or 1099€

The perfect solution to get around the city.

If you don't take it, flies.
Lightness and optimal performance

Its double drum brake is imitated by the big ones. What more can you ask for?

Stunning rear-wheel drive, minimal plastic presence, maximum metal aluminum presence. Resistance, come to me.

Take it elegantly

While the rest of the world stays in the 7.8Ah... your Light 2 exceeds 10.

Its 10.4Ah battery is enough energy pill to cross the streets you need, climbing slopes as if they didn't exist. And when you're running out of battery, the scooter maintains power.

All under control.

Cruising speed. Distance control. Intelligent energy saving. Speed management. Automatic light activation in the dark...

Light, and smart. Manage it in your dashboard.

We want to be the safest scooter.

It features a front and rear drum brake, so safety is with you on your journey. And always enlightened, front and back.

Our three values: security, creativity and innovation

Inokim has a commitment to these three values and the LIGHT scooter expresses them clearly. If there's one thing we want, it's for you to come home safely.

Custom designed

After six years of design and development and four years of QUICK sales, we launched the Inokim LIGHT 2, an even lighter vehicle with faster and easier folding/unfolding, a sublime driving experience along with an exceptional design look.

We created LIGHT 2 to be an integral part of your life. It is the lightest vehicle in the INOKIM range, with a driving experience never seen in this weight range.

When we designed the first scooter in 2009,
we imagined a world in which cars were only used for long distances.
Welcome to urban decongestion.

Inokim QUICK 4

Swiss knife.

Improves performance. Optimize materials. Sharpen resources. Keeps your balance. Increases autonomy. Fires the power. It offers maximum comfort.
Without a doubt it is the most suitable urban scooter for your travels.
It is without a doubt,
the ultimate scooter.

Technical specifications



LG 36v 10.4Ah lithium-ion.

Charging time

4-5 hours


40 km

Measurements made at 15 km/h, 25ºC and 75kg.

Weight and size

Only 13.7 kg. Folded is 95 cm long by 36 high and 25 cm wide. In operation it reaches 108 cm high, 105 long and 46 wide.


350W rated power gearless rear motor and 600W maximum power.

Max. speed

25 km/h

Speed limited by law. Adjustable on the control panel.

Maximum load

100 kg

Brakes and suspension

Front and rear drum braking system.


8.5" tyres

Air chambers add suspension to navigation.


Integrated front and rear LED, with reflector for maximum safety.

Low consumption and high power LED lighting.

The light-est. The king of the city

Get it now for 1099€ or 76€/month

The fastest charging time on the lightest scooter... and safest.

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Light 2 Super

Light. Hypervitamined.

Available from 106€ per month

Quality of construction

Inspired by the build quality, performance and efficiency of major auto brands, Inokim scooters combine the best features of old-school metal craftsmanship with the latest technology to produce the most advanced machine. With forged aluminum for the best driving experience, we’ve put the utmost commitment when it comes to strength, durability and ride quality. And on top of that, it has won international design awards.

Our top priority: safety.

Inokim, as an Israeli brand, deploys its intelligence in mobility and precisely brings together the characteristics needed to minimize the risk of accident. It runs through streets with heavy descents, unstable and even wet lands (hence the drawing of the wheels, to drain the water). The stability, size and type of wheels (large and wide) and above all the type of brakes provide us with this safety.

It looks like a scooter.

Unique electronic components

Inokim doesn’t look to have the fastest scooters. Chooses the highest quality and reliability, which generate the greatest safety and comfort.

True batteries

Battery of first brands. They won’t let you down. LG and Samsung lithium. 4

Free insurance advice service for your scooter

All Inokim products within Spain include free advice to obtain adequate insurance. 3

We've got you close.

Free reviews and tunings at the official Inokim service premises. We’ll take care of your scooter. 6

Personalized attention for each customer

What use will you give to it? What trips will you make? How many miles will you make each day?

We are chosen by transport companies

Inokim’s reliability, durability and autonomy have also made it the winner at the enterprise level. Safer and more comfortable travel.

Winners of the Award for Best International Design

The designs of our products have won multiple international awards. Quality and very attractive design are conjugable.

We make it easy for you

We offer financing in all our vehicles. Give yourself access to the most premium scooter.

Memorablely sustainable

Many years and no trace.
Let Inokim be with you for years. Their chargers have very low power consumption. The energy transforms, and leaves no trace.

Surfing on the ground

With its extraordinary autonomy, you’ll get where you set your mind to. But if you’ve gone too far, you’ll still be able to move manually, like in the old times. And with conventional brakes, you can continue to use them.

Turn on cruising speed

CST tires. Double brake. Maximum braking quality. Rear engine. More agile.
In the dark? You’re covered. Front and rear light, and control panel.

We help you manage your support insurance
to protect you

By purchasing an Inokim you will get exclusive advice to obtain RACC roadside assistance insurance. 3

Find out why
it's better to buy
in Inokim.

Do you have any questions about features, financing fees or anything related to the scooter? We help you.

Materials warranty

And a technical service that will accompany you for life. 7

Financing options

View payment plans in monthly installments.


We accompany you to choose the right scooter

  1. The maximum distance varies depending on the person’s weight, road conditions and the constant speed of the vehicle.
  2. Check tire pressure regularly. For INOKIM scooter models, the ideal pressure is between 3 and 3.5 bar. Low tire pressure is the number one cause of punctures. In case of puncture, repair it as soon as possible and avoid driving it with the flat tire.
  3. The package offered includes advice for getting roadside assistance insurance and medical assistance. This advice is included free of charge with the purchase of the vehicle. We have interesting options to protect your activity on VMP. For more information about available insurance contact us on the inokimes.com/contacto
  4. All Inokim scooters carry branded and quality batteries. They are lithium, so they can be charged multiple times, and do not have the “memory” effect that was spoken a few years ago (and that forced to fill up to the maximum). They’re basically LG or Samsung.
    A good battery and well carried, can last for years. There are customers with scooters that have thousands of kilometers and 5 or 6 years of use and still work with the original batteries. Scooter batteries work optimally between 20ºC and 30ºC. At lower temperatures, the range of your scooter may be lower than usual. On the other hand, don’t overload your scooter’s battery, disconnect it when the charger tells you that the battery is fully charged.
  5. Inokim scooters are designed to be used in the rain (not extreme; it is important not to submerge them). Always drive with both hands on the handlebars.
  6. We take care of the complete technical service of all our vehicles. And here, near your home. Forget about looking for parts in other countries. We’ll take care of your inokim.
  7. The normal guarantee given in the EU (European Union) is one year for any subject, and a second year for factory defects. For batteries, the usual warranty is one year.
  8. Speed limited by law to 25km/h (you can unlimit it under your responsibility with the integrated dashboard). Scooter traffic regulations vary by geographic area. Learn more at https://inokimes.com/normativa-patinetes-electricos-barcelona/.
  9. Our models are vehicles, not toys. The market is full of companies that put an engine on a toy scooter, but here you won’t see these practices.

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