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How to increase the life of your scooter?



In this post, we propose some tips that will improve the life and performance of your scooter’s battery. And although they are always applicable, they will be especially useful for seasons that you have to park your scooter for a long time.


1. Store the scooter with full battery

If the scooter is going to be parked for a few months, do so with full battery and recharge it regularly (approximately every month). The battery should not be completely discharged too long because it could be damaged, in some cases, irremediably.
In your daily use, it is best that the battery be charged as soon as there is an opportunity for it, even if it is not completely discharged or even at half or more of its capacity.

This habit, in addition, will prevent you from running out of battery at critical moments. And it is especially good if your scooter has not much autonomy or if the use that is given leads it to be on the limit too often.


2. Store the scooter in a cool dry place

You should store your scooter in a cool and dry place. Heat and humidity can damage the battery. Do not leave it near a heat source and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures for too long, neither cold nor heat.


3. Wash the scooter safely

Wetting your scooter with water or other liquids is not the best option to clean it. If you want to clean your scooter thoroughly, use a damp cloth, a brush or a spray to remove any dirt that might have stuck to it.


4. Use the original brand charger

Using a charger that does not have the same characteristics as the original one provided by the manufacturer will gradually damage the battery. In fact, batteries are quite sensitive to charging mode, which is not the same for all chargers and adapters.
Something very common, for example, is to use a charger with a higher amperage than the original, to speed up the charge. But in this way, the battery will break down with each charge.


5. Before charging the scooter, let the battery cool down

Before each recharge, let the battery cool down for a time, at least an hour. If you charge the battery while it is still hot, this will reduce its life.


6. The cables, in their correct order

The correct order to connect the cables is: first plug the charger into the scooter (battery) and then the charger into the electric current. To unplug it, you do it the other way around: first you disconnect the charger from the electric current and then from the scooter.


7. Disconnect the charger from the electric current if it is not being used

If you are not charging your scooter, do not leave the charger plugged into the current. Disconnecting it will prevent it from being damaged (by voltage spikes or short circuits) if there are any problem with the electrical installation.


And finally, remember that when you are going to use the scooter again after a while, you have to check that all the basic components remain in correct condition for safe driving:

– Brakes correct
– Wheels with the right pressure (optimal 3 bars – 3.5 bars)
– Screws tight enough

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