Review Inokim Light2 Super – Youtube

There are a multitude of videos on the net that allow you to better understand Inokim scooter models. Among all of them, a review of the Inokim Light 2 Super carried out by the Youtuber OX, specialized in the sector of electric scooters, stands out. If you want to know everything about this model, don’t […]

How to increase the life of your scooter?

  In this post, we propose some tips that will improve the life and performance of your scooter’s battery. And although they are always applicable, they will be especially useful for seasons that you have to park your scooter for a long time.   1. Store the scooter with full battery If the scooter is […]

HAND SOLO: A life without limits

HAND SOLO: A life without limits David Aguilar (better known as Hand Solo), is a 20-year-old boy who was born with a congenital disease called “Poland syndrome”, a disease that did not allow him to develop his pectoral muscle and right forearm. Instead of being an impediment for him, and with the tireless support of […]


INOKIM electric scooters are a perfect mobility solution for urban commutes: sustainable, safety, high performance and very good quality components, these are just some of the virtues offered by the electric skateboard of the Israelian brand. This fact, coupled with the high demand for this type of personal mobility vehicle, has made that many companies […]


   Before you start driving, make sure you are well equipped: Although in some cities it is not mandatory, the use of the helmet is highly recommended. It is also important to always opt for comfortable and protected footwear. It is advisable to wear gloves and, if necessary, sunglasses.    Check the tire pressure regularly. […]

INOKIM MINI2 electric scooter- COMING SOON!

On September the little brother of the INOKIM family arrives in our cities: The INOKIM Mini2. It is an electric scooter model perfect for the last mile ridings: it’s more compact, lightweight and portable than its predecessors, but without losing the seal of quality of the Israeli brand. Here you can find some images and […]

Natura and Emovity join efforts to promote sustainable mobility

During the months of May and June there have been several days of test of Emovity products in the framework of the stores that Natura has in Spain. After starting in different stores in Barcelona, other cities such as Madrid, Seville, Malaga and Toledo were visited. In these demonstrations everyone who wanted to try the […]

Emovity and Banc Sabadell organize a product testing day

The workers of the headquarters of Banc Sabadell in Sant Cugat had the opportunity to test the entire range of Emovity electrical products for a whole day. With an exhibition tent installed in the hall of the main building and with an outdoor area prepared to test products, the day was a great success. Dozens […]

Sea Otter 2018

This 2018 has been held the second edition of the Sea Otter Europe and for the second year in a row Emovity has presented its products. After a first edition where the protagonist was the Emovity S10 bicycle with a spectacular reception, this year bicycles have shared the limelight with the Inokim scooters. It has […]

Circulation regulations for electric scooters in Barcelona

New regulation of personal mobility vehicles and cycles of more than two wheels Barcelona has developed an unprecedented arrangement to regulate personal mobility vehicles (VMP) and cycles of more than two wheels, with the aim of solving problems of coexistence in the public space and promoting a sustainable and safe mobility, due to the presence […]