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  1.    Before you start driving, make sure you are well equipped: Although in some cities it is not mandatory, the use of the helmet is highly recommended. It is also important to always opt for comfortable and protected footwear. It is advisable to wear gloves and, if necessary, sunglasses.

  2.    Check the tire pressure regularly. In INOKIM scooter models, the ideal pressure is between 3 and 3.5 bars. A low tire pressure is the number one cause of punctures. In case of a puncture, repair it as soon as possible and avoid driving with the flat tire.

  3.    Before riding, check that the brakes are tight and that all screws are properly tightened.

  4.    Once in motion, always drive with both hands on the handlebar for total scooter control. Control your speed, make use of the doorbell when necessary and respect other users of public roads.

  5.    Avoid carrying bags or other stuff on your scooter’s platform. There are bags and baskets expressly designed to carry them on your scooter.

  6.    Although most electric scooters are designed to be used under the rain it is important not to submerge them. And, it is not advisable to drive in heavy rain or other extreme weather conditions.

  7.    Scooter batteries work optimally between 20ºC and 30ºC. With lower temperatures, your scooter’s autonomy may be less than usual.

  8.    Do not overcharge your scooter’s battery, disconnect it when the charger indicates that the battery is fully charged.

  9.    If you are going to spend a long time without using your scooter, keep it with the battery fully charged in an indoor place and avoiding extreme temperatures.

  10.    In case of doubt, you can always count on the advice of professionals. If you have an INOKIM scooter, look for an official INOKIM service center and take advantage to use their free revisions.


Proper use and maintenance of your electric scooter can extend the life of the scooter and minimize visits to the workshop. Enjoy your trips!

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