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10 reasons to choose a scooter from Emovity


Every day there are more people who decide to change their usual transport and opt for the electric scooter. However, although these vehicles already have an important weight in the cities, it is still a very new and unknown vehicle for many.

For this reason, when a person decides to take the step and buy an electric scooter, it is normal that some doubts arise: Why are some scooters of 300€ and others of 2,000€? What are the differences? What is the best for me? With this text we try to explain what are the differences between one scooters and the others.

Everyone understands and assumes the difference between a sturdy car and a simple car. But, in fact, possibly the simple car consumes less, has almost the same maximum speed and even has some detail that the robust car does not have. However, nobody doubts that the first one will be more expensive. And we assume it for the best quality of its materials and its engine, for the finishes, for the safety it generates or for comfort, among others. The same thing happens in scooters.

Emovity does not choose the fastest scooters or those with the most autonomy. Emovity choose the highest quality ones, those that generate greater safety and comfort and those of maximum reliability.

To summarize, below, we explain the 10 differential points of the Emovity scooters:

  1. Our highest priority: security. Both the user of the scooter and the people around him. We select our vehicles in such a way that they offer the necessary characteristics to minimize the risk of an accident.
  2. They are vehicles, not toys. We have discarded all brands that simply place an engine on a toy scooter.
  3. Reliability. All batteries are top brands.
  4. Quality with a very attractive design. The designs of our products have won multiple international awards.
  5. We take care of the complete technical service of all our vehicles. And here, near your house. You can forget about looking for spare parts in China.
  6. We offer a free assistance service from RACC to all our clients.
  7. Behind Emovity there are months of trips, visits to international fairs, tests and analysis of all products on the market to finally make the selection of our vehicles.
  8. Personalized attention for each client. We have a scooter for you, tell us your situation and we will advise you in the best possible way.
  9. We make it easy for you. We offer financing on all our vehicles.
  10. The trip is not just the scooter. In Emovity we offer all kinds of accessories to make your trips safer and more comfortable.

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